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Motivating Crystal Recognition Awards and Gifts

How do our Crystal Awards differ from others?  That's simple... 

1. DECORATION METHOD:  Our decoration method is different than most, and superior!  We add your text and logo to the crystal award by hand with a process called deep etch sand carving.  With sand carving, a human hand aims a nozzle at the stencil that we produce with your artwork, then the sand impacts the crystal at approximately 250 mph...yes, that's miles per hour!  In doing so, the sand carves deep into the crystal as it grinds its way through the design with your image.   You can feel the depth of your image carved into the crystal recognition award!

Not only is ours a superior process that requires a trained operator to carve your product, but the really cool part is this...When anything is deep etched into a Crystal or Glass Award, the natural light travels through the crystal and is pulled into your sand carved image, which creates a brightness that makes your image "POP."

The alternative process that we DON'T USE is Laser Engraving.  Laser engraving is the majority of what smaller companies produce.  This process can only fracture the surface, has a rough texture, does not refract light, and is used as a quick, low-cost method in comparison to our deep etch sand carving.

2.  WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OUR AWARDS AND GIFTS AsapAwards.com designs the majority of our products.  Our designers create drawings, to conception, to inventory in our factory in St. Louis, Missouri.   While most only mark up and resell...We actually make our stuff! 

3.  Lastly, you don't have to be concerned with all the extra charges that are common such as setup fees, proof fees, character count and artwork charges...We make it easy!   IT'S ALL FREE and included with your purchase. 

Contact us  for custom pricing on your recognition program.  636.537.1517

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